Have you ever wondered how it would actually feel to know that you can make your own ice cubes at home and have the peace of mind that they’re the same or even better than the ones you’re served at your local bar when ordering a drink? Well, if you didn’t, then you can bet I did! I’m actually the type of guy who loves to have perfectly clear ice cubes in his drink every single time I’m having one at home.

You see, the ice cubes they give you at the bar are not clear: they look like a bad combination of snow with ice that just doesn’t look right. Well, if you’re also the type who cares about every little detail when it comes to enjoying his favorite drink, then please read on in order to find out how you can make your own clear ice cubes in the comfort of your own home.

Get some distilled water

Now in order for you to make ice cubes that aren’t cloudy, you’ll need some distilled water. Get as much as you want, based on the number of ice cube you plan on making. Pour the water into a kettle and then boil it. Make sure to fill the kettle though, since if you don’t, then you’re wasting space and time. If you don’t have distilled water, then don’t worry about it. Filtered water works perfectly fine as well. Just make sure that you use a high quality water filter that filters out all the impurities in it and you’re good to go

Get some silicone ice cube trays

Now after the water has boiled, it’s time to take a few silicone ice cube trays, if you don’t have them you can buy an awesome globe ice mold at icemakercubes.com and then pour the water carefully into them. The reasons I’m recommending silicone is because compared to plastic, it’s a lot more heat resistant and you probably already know that pouring boiling water on plastic is not going to end well. Given the fact you’re using filtered water that’s also boiling, this is going to slow down the freezing process. Eventually, the ice will release all the air bubbles that give conventional ice that unfinished look many of us are probably tired of seeing. After this step, all you need to do is place your trays carefully in your freezer until the water freezes.

A few things to bear in mind

You could actually use a wide range of silicone trays and when I say this I’m referring to the shape of the “cubes”. Spheres or geometric cubes are some of my favorite ones and they really make the brandy and whisky I drink a few times a week a lot more interesting and even tastier I might say. However, if you don’t have silicone trays, then don’t you worry about it. You can also use metal ice cube trays. Just make sure that when you pour the water into the trays to be very careful: spilling some on your hands or fingers is definitely going to hurt quite a bit!