Sleep Innovations is a bedding and furniture manufacturer that offers almost all household goods, from bathroom mats to mattresses. The brand is famous for its use of cutting-edge technology using gel within its memory foam mattresses to make these more comfortable as well as efficient for its customers. The most well-known mattress lines are Suretemp Memory Foam Mattresses (8 inch and 12 inches) along with Gel Memory Foam Mattresses (10 inch and 14 inches).

Sleep Innovations Mattress Features

They are generally multi layer mattresses , which are made up of 3 layers. The base layer usually comprised of support foam, also known as base foam. The middle layer is comprised of support foam, air channel or, while the uppermost layer is composed of memory or gel-infused memory foam. Gel-infused memory foam is specifically designed to remove heat from the body, and ensure a cooler and more comfortable night’s sleep.

Health Benefits

The mattresses made by Sleep Innovations are designed to offer relief from pain and improve sleeping quality. Air channel foam utilized as the middle layer is able to keep your body temperature at a comfortable level without allowing heat to build up. The top quality memory foam used for the upper layer is shaped to accommodate the body’s movements and helps to improve the alignment of the spine. The possibility of pain relief and prevention is also higher than average.


Memory foam mattress from Sleep Innovations are praised for their comfort and high-quality. They are also noted for their potential to ease pain which is superior comparison with other mattresses. Since the costs are affordable, customers are pleased and content with the value for their budget. Contrary to many similar memory foam mattresses complaints regarding heat retention are incredibly minimal due to the clever use of gel-infused memory foam and air channel foam as a middle layer.

They are considered couples-friendly due to their superior ability to block motion. They also praise their durability especially for the higher-end mattresses. The mattresses are simple to move around on. Noise complaints are also absent. The design is designed to allow only one side of sleep that means there is no need to flip the bed repeatedly.


There’s not much variation in terms of firmness since the majority of customers rate their mattresses as medium firm. The most common complaints is the first unpleasant smell that sometimes was more than anticipated to disappear. A small percentage of people also reported they felt their memory foam did not completely decompress once they were removed from the box. Due to the medium firmness when a mattress is massive weight, the mattresses don’t allow for easy mobility and comfort for those who sleep on their side. A few customers complained that the extra weight can make it difficult to move a single person.

Price Variation

The costs of the Sleep Innovation mattresses are affordable and considerably lower than their major rivals. Based upon the mattress model prices can range from $255 up to $1500, which is affordable for memory foam mattresses.

Lifespan and Warranty

The warranty can also vary between 5 and 20 years, based on the cost and type of mattress. Lifespan can be higher when compared to other foam mattresses in the same price range.

Sleep Innovations 10 Inch SureTemp Foam Mattress Review

The Sleep Innovation 10-inch SureTemp Memory Foam Mattress is designed to provide you with a comfortable sleep experience with its enhanced airflow system that allows for a cooler night’s sleep. IT comprises two layers: a 3-inch flexible and breathable CertainTemp Memory Foam as well as a seven-inch pliable foam that provides support. It is unique and authentic in its formulation and manufacturing It has been developed with a better technology that is that of the memory foam with an open cell. It offers more its airflow as well as support. Apart from that, it also enhanced its durability and its quality. The mattress is encased with the cover made of poly cotton and two pillows. They are hypo-allergenic and dust-mite resistant properties which promote cleanliness and create an environment that is healthy for sleeping. A warranty of 20 years is included with the mattress, as well as 5 years of warranty on the pillows. It is indeed a fantastic price for the dollars. In addition, it comes with the ISO cooler pillow is an ideal option to go with this mattress.

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Excellent Performance

The memory foam mattress provides incredible amount of support for your body when you are asleep. It will not cause discomfort when you wake up the next morning. It’s not overly hard and comfortable enough. The airflow feature does the job so well that you don’t feel too much warmth, and also retain of body heat within the foam.


Too Cold

The airflow technology doesn’t function at all. The body heat is merely stored in the mattress, which makes the entire sensation so hot and warm. This is true even in cooler temperatures, which shouldn’t be the case.

Cool and soothing Mattress

Enjoy the best rest with this mattress that is equipped with the latest airflow technology you won’t find in other mattresses. It’s also able to provide the best assistance to your body and comfort to make your sleep sound and comfortable.

Sleep Innovations 12-Inch SureTemp Memory Foam Mattress Review

It is the Sleep Innovations SureTemp Memory Foam Mattress is designed to provide you a good night’s rest with a normal-soft and comfortable feel. The extra layer is included to provide you with a solid cushioning to provide a soothing feeling and an amazing sleep. Its many features include improved airflow that keeps its temperature, and provides cooler effects as well as the therapeutic comfort you’ve been searching for.

It is designed to ensure the proper alignment of your body, fewer movements throughout sleep and relief from tensions or pains. It’s also hypoallergenic and dust mite-resistant, ensuring an environment that is healthy. It is a unique mattress with original and exceptional features. It’s also a good value for money, with the 20-year warranty that comes with it when you purchase it.



Its SureTemp Memory Foam Mattress by Sleep Innovations works just right. When it comes to support, it provides what your body needs when it is asleep. No matter the weight of your body and the place of sleep the mattress can be able to provide support. It is firm enough to provide peace and comfort while you sleep. In contrast to other mattresses, this one keeps the temperature constant and doesn’t allow heat to remain within it. The cooling effect that permits the dispersal of body heat and foam. There is no evidence of pains or discomforts after the mattress is in use. It’s absolutely perfect!


Very hard MATTRESS

The majority of the complaints raised with these discussions about the mattress were more about the feeling and the idea of the bed being too firm that it doesn’t provide the relaxation and comfort the body requires. The airflow function isn’t evident because heat is retained in the foam. This could be a factor in the mattress’s excessive firmness. In addition, it was extremely warm when sleeping on the mattress.

Most Amazing Sleeping Experience Ever!

Enjoy This SureTemp Memory Foam Mattress and get the benefits you’ll get. The incredible comfort and body massage will make for the best sleep experience of your life.

Sleep Innovations 14-Inch Memory Foam Mattress Review

A very renowned names in the industry of bedding, Sleep Innovations has come up with 14-inches of Memory Foam Mattress. The mattress is made up of open-cell memory foam that is up in size 2.5-inch within the upper layer and air channel foam around 2.5-ich within the middle to provide more efficient airflow, and 9-inches from support foam on the bottom to ensure strength and stability.

In contrast to other mattresses, this mattress isn’t reliant on turning or flipping. It is available in five sizes, including Twin Full, King, Full, Queen as well as California King.


The majority of customers appeared satisfied about the bed. Many of the customers suffering from back strain reported that they felt much better when they slept on the mattress. Some customers reported that they were skeptical at the beginning since it was quite expensive when compared to other high-quality mattresses but after they purchased it, they couldn’t be more amazed at how comfortable it was. Its value-for-money is frequently praised by buyers.

Customers also reported that getting the mattress unpacked was easy and the mattress was delivered quickly. They also pointed out the fact that they weren’t interrupted during their sleep by their partner when they changed positions, which made the couple friendly.


Despite the accolades however, there were some complaints , too. According to a user that the unpleasant smell was present for three days, but after that it went away. Some customers stated they felt the mattress was firm and needed an extra layer, especially those who weigh less. One of the customers noted that it is a little warm, like all memory foam mattresses and when the room gets cool, foam may become a bit difficult.


The mattress overall got favorable feedback. The firmness of the mattress was a concern for a few customers however the majority of them were content with the cushion’s comfort and the quality. It’s also an ideal fit for those who weigh a lot, as it doesn’t shrink under pressure and still maintains the firmness and support.