Stand Mixers Safety 

Switch the stand mixer off before you reach into the blender or insert utensils. It also needs to be off if you need to scrape down the sides of the bowl.

Keep your hands away from anything that is moving.  Stand mixers reach high speeds, if you touch parts of the mixer that is moving it could result in a serious injury.  Ensure the attachments, blades etc. have stopped moving before you touch them.

Ensure you wear proper clothing, short sleeves, or roll up long sleeved shirts; an appropriately sized apron, closed-toed shoes no sandals; tie back long hair and remove any jewelry that could get caught.

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Staying Safe with a Hand Mixer

It goes without saying that all kitchen appliances need to be handled with care to prevent injury. Hand blenders are no exception to this rule. It is easy to become complacent when using the hand blender, or any type of kitchen appliance but that is the time when you risk becoming injured.


When changing blades, or removing the blades for storing or cleaning, always unplug the hand blender from the electric power source. There have been times when a malfunction in the switch, or a slight bump has caused the machine to turn on.

Direct Blades Away From You…Always

When you are using your hand blender, it is always important to keep the cutting area and the blades pointed away from you, pointing downwards. This will make it harder for the blade to catch your hair, clothes, jewelry or even fingers, ouch!

Maintain Blade Sharpness

Over time and with use, the blades on the hand blender can start to become blunt. You must keep them sharp so you do not have to add extra force to get the blending job done. The extra force can cause you to slip, or lose control of it while it is on.

General Safety Tips for Cooking with Kids

Cooking can be fun with kids and for kids.  Everyone wants to be safe in this regard. You must be sure to go over general kitchen safety with kids of any age. Explain why they should not throw water on an oil fire on the stove. Always have a first aid kit on-hand, and that you understand basic first aid yourself. With that covered, here are some additional safety measures to take with your children:

Make your equipment as child friendly as possible: mixing bowls and cutting boards with non-skid bases, utensils and knives of the right scale, peelers and other tools with non-slip grips and safety graters.

Shorter kids will need something to stand on, which makes it is very important that they do not need to reach for items which may cause them to lose their balance.

Wherever possible, try to set up a lower work surface for the kids to make it easier, safer and more comfortable to work.

If you use these helpful safety tips, cooking with mixers and blenders will be both safe and fun.