We analyzed 377 reviews for the Kingsdown mattresses available on the market. We compared them side-by-side and scored them according to a range of factors including comfort, snoring reduction, pain relief potential, durability, initial odor, and heat retention ability.

Below, you will find top-rated mattresses (click on the product name to read the full review).

Kingsdown Mattresses are proud to conduct over a century of sleep research which enables them to provide customers with the most unique and greatly satisfying sleep. The brand focuses on helping people to sleep better through scientific studies, high-quality materials and exceptional customer service.

They also pride themselves on being the only mattress manufacturer to fully test the support of each and every mattress to ensure they perform at their best. Kingsdown offer innerspring, memory foam, latex, hybrid and intelligent mattresses and have 12 individual collections overall.

Who Should Be Interested in Kingsdown mattresses

Kingsdown mattresses are constructed from high quality materials, have high coil counts, are comfortable, use innovative airflow technology and use scientific research to design mattresses that will offer their customers a better night’s sleep.

They will be best for people looking for mattresses with: personalization, support, comfort and a cool night’s sleep. They are especially good for couples due to the good motion isolation, minimal noise and resilience.

What makes Kingsdown mattresses different


If you are someone that struggles to know exactly what type of mattress is best for you and your unique requirements, Kingsdown has their very own system called bedMATCH which creates a personal profile for you so that you can ensure you are getting the best night’s sleep you can. The bedMATCH feature is available online and in some selected retailers.


Kingsdown mattresses generally offer good support to your body whilst you rest. This is because of the high amount of coils in many of their mattresses which work to provide support, allowing you to wake up with reduced signs of aches and pains.


Kingsdown mattresses are scientifically designed to ensure you are getting the best and most comforting night’s sleep. Many of their mattresses mold and contour to your body which cradles you in a marshmallow-like cloud. The smooth and effortless contouring also helps to reduce pressure. Mattresses from Kingsdown which feature at least 1 inch of memory foam or latex often rate above average when it comes to conforming and comfort.

Motion Isolation

Many Kingsdown mattresses that feature independently wrapped coils perform very well in regards to motion isolation, meaning your partner will not be disturbed if you are tossing and turning, or getting up and down. Minimal motion transfer is important to achieving a good night’s sleep.


Kingsdown mattresses overall have rated good for producing minimal noise which makes them a good choice for couples or for people that often wriggle a lot during the night.


Kingsdown mattresses are a good choice no matter your weight because of the variety of choices they offer, as well as their personalized bedMATCH technology. The softer to medium mattresses will be a good choice for smaller to average sized people, whilst the firmer which contain less than a 3 inch comfort layer will be a good choice for a person who weighs 230 lbs or more.

Company Reputation

Kingsdown Mattresses was founded in 1904 in North Carolina, and was known as the Mebane Company. The brand has grown to have a superb reputation and is proud to represent an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau.

Which Kingsdown Mattress is best for you

Now that we know Kingsdown mattresses are comfortable, supportive and good for couples, let’s find out what key features will make some of their options the best choice for you.

Back Smart 900 Series

The Back Smart 900 Series mattress is an innerspring mattress which is part of the Sleep TO Live collection. It is made up of a 5 zone support foam which is a system that works to reduce pain in the key areas including head and shoulders, lumbar, hips, legs and feet.

As well as the 5 zone support foam, the Back Smart 900 Series mattress features a gel-infused BackEnforcer lumbar band that helps promote a correctly aligned spine as well as CoolEnhance Latex which regulates the temperature and allows for a cool night’s sleep. It also has full body support edge support due to the high-density foam.

The mattress comes with a gel-infused, quilted cover which is breathable and allows good airflow. The gel infusion helps to dissipate heat keeping you cool and comfortable whilst you sleep all night through.

The Back Smart 900 Series will be best for those looking for great support for the 5 key areas, as well as for those who enjoy cool and comfortable sleeping.

  • Sleeps cool
  • Comfortable
  • Great support
  • Reduces pain and pressure
  • Regulates temperature
  • Breathable cover
  • Smart technology
  • Reports that it sags fairly quickly
  • Higher price tag

Fall View Ultra Plush

The Fall View Ultra is a plush pillow top mattress that features double layers of luxury foam, a lumbar band of gel-infused latex, and a high-density foam encasement. The foam layers are thick and plush and provide both support and comfort, whilst the lumbar band provides excellent pressure relief and offers great back support, and helps to assist spinal health.

The foam encasement is ventilated and helps give good edge support and reduce pressure and pain. The mattress also has an 8-inch Honeycomb Tri-Zone which has entwining coils that provide good motion isolation and exceptional support.

The Fall View Ultra Plush Pillow Top mattress will be best for people who are looking for plush and thick feeling bed that offers good support. It also would be good for couples due to its good motion isolation.

  • Comfortable
  • Supportive
  • High-quality materials
  • Good edge support
  • Good motion isolation
  • Reduces pressure
  • Helps spinal alignment
  • Has some sagging
  • Some report it feeling lumpy

Sleep Smart Intuitive Mattress

The Sleep Smart Intuitive mattress is constructed with 3 different support zones that adapt and adjust its level of support to the unique body of the sleeper. It has been designed based on scientific research that has proven results for an adjustable support system that actually works!

It features IntelliMax Technology which measures the impact that the sleeper makes on the mattress and works to adjust to give the most comfort and support to pressure points, weight, movements, and sleeping position.

It has independently controlled lumbar support and a custom app with controls all the support zones, the power base, and the fabric. The control in the fabric helps to keep the sleeper comfortable and cool and helps to prevent the buildup of heat.

The Sleep Smart Intuitive mattress will be best for those looking for a very personalized mattress that properly supports your unique body shape and weight. It will also be good for someone who needs good pressure relief and support.

  • Super smart technology
  • Perfectly adjusts to your unique body
  • Comfortable
  • Supportive
  • Sleeps cool
  • Higher price tag

Fountain Place Mattress

The Fountain Place mattress from Kingsdown features gel fibers that help to provide pressure relief as well as a disperse heat to keep give you a cool and comfortable night’s sleep. The gel layer is combined with luxury foam which provides excellent comfort and good overall body support, as well as a gel infused lumbar band which gives each more exceptional support.

The mattress has an 8 inch honeycomb tri-zone which has an interlocking coil construction which gives you even more support as well as good motion isolation. The high density foam encasement provides excellent edge support and the vertical zoning allows the mattress to conform to your unique shape which provides good spinal alignment.

The Fountain Place mattress will be good for couples or noisy sleepers, those who are looking for a mattress with great support, and those who tend to sleep closer to the edge of the bed.

  • Great edge support
  • Good motion isolation
  • High quality materials
  • Sleeps cool
  • Great overall body support
  • Promotes good spinal alignment
  • Good pressure relief
  • More affordable
  • Some reports of sagging

Passions Inspiration Ultra Plush Euro Top

The Passions Inspiration Ultra Plush Euro Top is 16.5 inches thick and is constructed with gel memory foam, cushioning memory foam, latex foam, and pocketed coils. The memory foam and fibers are breathable and its gel infusion allows the user to sleep cool as it disperses heat, and also provides some pressure relief. The foam is also conforming which lets you sleep comfortably.

The durable latex foam layer helps to greatly reduce pressure and provide support, and the tri-zoned wrapped coils (1,791 of them) also provide extra support.

The mattress also has good motion isolation which is a great feature for couples or noisy sleepers. This Passions Inspiration Ultra Plush Euro Top is best for side sleepers who prefer a softer feeling mattress.

The Passions Inspiration Ultra Plush Euro Top mattress will be best for those who tend to mainly sleep on their sides, and want a soft and comfortable feeling mattress that provides support and reduces pressure.

  • Good support
  • Reduces pressure
  • High quality materials
  • Good for side sleepers
  • Sleeps cool
  • Good for couples
  • May be too soft for some
  • Not so good for back or stomach sleepers