iOS 11.3 can be said to be an important system version of iOS 11, because in this version of the system added important functions such as battery performance limit switch, battery health information management, users in the past affected by the deceleration door after upgrading the phone to iOS 11.3 There can be a certain degree of improvement.

After going through six betas, the iOS 11.3 upgrade arrived as expected. Surprisingly, only the new iPad 9.7, which has just been introduced, will be able to receive the push of the new system, while other popular products such as the iPhone X will remain motionless.

In the past, the Apple Push system was all platform-based. In general, there would be no other situation where product updates had occurred. We also don’t know what Apple’s motives are to do this, nor do we know when other iPhone and iPad models will receive iOS 11.3 system updates.

In addition to the aforementioned battery management, performance limitations and other updates, iOS 11.3 highlights also include information can be stored in iCloud, ARKit upgrade to 1.5 version, HomeKit device software verification, iMessage business chat.

In addition, it is reported that Apple is still preparing iOS 11.4 system, but from Apple’s so much love for the new iPad 9.7, perhaps iOS 11.4 is a proprietary system, is tailor-made for the new iPad. At present, there is not much information yet. We will wait and see.