A good pillow selection can be the sole difference between an uninspiring or dull start to your day. Based on the position you are in during sleeping, you can pick from a range of pillows available. To help our readers, we’ve identified the best pillows, along with a review of their top and less-than-great characteristics. Because pillows are made from various types of materials (feathers and foam, for instance) offering various levels of luxury and comfort You can pick one according to your sleeping location and your comfort requirements.

Different pillows are suitable for different people , based on their preferred sleeping style. If you are given a recommendation by someone for the best pillow, it might not be suitable for you if you are a back sleeper , and you’re side sleeper.

Latex Pillows

The latex pillow is among the most comfortable choices available, along with memory foam pillows. While they are soft, they’re additionally supportive, providing excellent comfort and relief from neck/back tension. Based on online reviews the satisfaction ratings of users is higher than the average. The average is that latex pillows remain in shape for five years. This is an ideal option for those who want to have more comfortand relief from back or neck pain and willing to pay more money for this.

Price Band: Between $40 and $170, with an average of $65.


Since latex pillows don’t form hollow areas, they offer great support for the neck and head providing comfort and relief from back tension.


Some users expressed displeasure about the higher price, the allergy-inducing the build-up of heat, and the odor of rubber or chemicals. Others have also complained that the pillow was not easy to transport.

Down Pillows

The down pillows have become the most sought-after because they meet the needs of all sleeping types. The lightweight, soft and cuddly design offers comfort regardless of place. They’re made of soft and insulating feathers from geese and ducks beneath their feathers. It’s usually a mix of feather and down, however it is considered to be a to be a down type when it contains minimum 75% down.

Price Variation: Between $75 and $190 with an average of $115.


The down pillow’s structure is soft, moldable and cuddly. If they are dry cleaned they’re durable and light in weight (not more than 2 pounds) to transport around. They also offer the average amount of relief from neck and back discomfort. The down pillows are loved by people of all sleeping postures (back sleepers, stomach sleepers or sleeping on the side).


Down pillows can be expensive when they are compared with other kinds. There is a lack of firmness in a majority of brands. People complained about continuous shaking that makes it more firm before using. Cleaning is not an easy task because dry cleaning is necessary.

Memory Foam Pillow

The Memory Foam pillows are renowned for their capability to ease pain as well as their adequate support and soft structure. They are comprised of polyurethane open cells (millions in every pillow) filled with chemical compounds for greater density.

Price Band: Between $20 and $70, with an average of $40.


Memory Foam pillows are thought to be the to be the best choice for back or neck pain relief. Many people reporting less discomfort. They’re also soft, but offer good support for the neck and head. Shaking isn’t necessary as they don’t form hollow areas or form clumps. It’s an excellent choice for those who sleep in the back.


They cannot be made to mold. Because the loft is continuous and high this pillow is uncomfortable for side or stomach sleepers. The majority of customers were unhappy with the chemical-like smell of their new pillows. A few customers complained of the warmness, which can be uncomfortable.

Polyester Pillows

The most economical option for customers polyester pillows are constructed from hypoallergenic polyester fiber. They’re suitable for any sleeping position and offer sufficient comfort and softness. It’s an ideal option for back and side sleepers.

Price Variation: Between $10 and $40 with an average of $22.


They are the least expensive pillows on the market. Apart from being easy to clean the pillows are non-odorous. Many of the customers rated this kind of pillow for the most comfy and convenient to use. Shaking isn’t necessary for maintaining its structure.


Durability isn’t like that of other kinds. Also, they are soft and cuddly. Some clients complained of the lumpiness that develops over time.

Buckwheat Pillows

Buckwheat pillows are renowned for their adaptability and strength. They are composed of Buckwheat (a fruit) shells.

Price Band: Between $20 and $80, with an average of $50.


The pillows received positive reviews from the majority of users. They were rated highly by the majority of users in terms of durability, effectiveness, back pain, support , and their ability to form. They also ensure the flow of air in a healthy manner without building up of heat.


People think that buckwheat pillows are expensive and heavy, while others complain about the clump. A few customers complain about the rigid bulky structure of the pillow. They are also regarded as the most noisy pillows. They’re also difficult to clean as the users have to get rid of hulls prior to washing.

Water Pillows

The pillows for water can be adjusted to the firmness and loft of the pillow as owners can easily control the quantity of water they wish to store within the pillow. Typically, the size is five quartz, with the addition of a layer of polyester which prevents water from escaping. Two popular models, Chiroflow and Mediflow, are offered, but there’s no significant difference.

Price Variation: Water Pillows are easily accessible for between $35 and $50 on Amazon.com.


Water pillows are praised as having a relief from neck pain. (neck) relief capabilities. There have been no complaints regarding odor or heat build-up from customers. It’s also firm with an adjustable loft. It is also one of the more affordable pillow options.


The main drawback is the weight when it is filled with water. It can be difficult to deal with issues such as water leakage, refills or refill. Also, users must play with their pillow to determine the what amount of water is appropriate for their personal comfort requirements.

Feather Pillows

Feather pillows are a low-cost long-lasting, durable and comfortable for people. Feather pillows are constructed using goose or duck feathers that are extremely soft, but typically lack loft and support because of it. It is suggested for those who do not move throughout the night.

Price Band: Between $18 and $60, with an average of $30.


Feather pillows are affordable in cost, but are more sturdy. It is soft, and simple to mould. It also has a cuddly texture that offers a soft and squishy form for people who use it. There aren’t any complaints regarding heat build-up, unlike other kinds. They also rank among the lightest heavy pillows.


Because feathers make them soft, it is important shake them before using to ensure that they are comfortable and lofty. When compared with latex, they lack loft as well. A few users complained about scratching feather quills. Some complained of an the unpleasant smell. The pillows made of feathers are not enough firm.