A good night rest makes life better in several ways ranging from making the brain relaxed, improving the functioning of vital body organs like the heart, losing weight and improving memory. With technology advancements affecting every aspect of human life, the memory foam mattress is not left behind. Designed for NASA in the 1960s, the memory foam mattress is soft and highly energy absorbent which makes it mold to the body to respond to pressure or heat. This provides even weight distribution, protection against impact and more importantly comfort. However, the health benefits of a memory foam mattress are the most important aspect of this unique product.

Some of the outstanding benefits are outlined below:

Temperature regulation

Body temperature affects how one sleeps at night. High body temperature can make one feel sweaty, restless and uncomfortable. The material used by manufacturing a memory foam mattress is highly sensitive to temperature changes. This feature enables the mattress to adjust to one’s body weight and body temperature so that as the body temperature increases the memory foam mattress responds by being soft. In cold weather, the memory foam mattress retains heat, keeping one’s body warm through the cold night. Unlike other mattresses, the memory foam is designed for extra comfort making the sleeper enjoy sleeping.

Pain relief

Body aches, soreness and other forms of body pain make one have a restless night. Relieving this form of discomfort is another major health benefits of memory foam mattresses. This is achieved by selective displacement of pressure along the length of an individual. The higher body temperature along the pain points is the major cause of discomfort. Hence, by adjusting in accordance with body temperature in such parts of one’s body, the memory foam mattress is able to help individual relief pain. Further, the memory foam mattress helps in enhancing equal distribution of body pressure. A standard mattress is flat hence causing unequal pressure distribution as the body struggles to get used to the flatness. This pressure mainly mounds on a person’s hips, knees and shoulders. Unequal pressure distribution causes a reduction in blood supply particularly to the affected areas leading to discomfort. The situation is worsened when a person back ends up unsupported causing back pain. Hence, memory foam mattresses are important for equal pressure distribution to attain uninterrupted night sleep.

Relief from allergies

Relief from allergies is the best health benefit associated with a memory foam mattress. This mattress is made using a material known as polyurethane composed of inorganic fibers. The fibers in the polyurethane material help relieve allergies by preventing dust mites that cause allergies from settling in. These mites are living organism which needs food to exit. Since there is no food inside the memory foam mattress, these mites hardly survive. Further, the dense composition of memory foam mattresses makes the accumulation of these organisms in the bed impossible. Other ordinary mattresses are made of organic fibers with the most common one being cotton. Cotton attracts dust-mites since these mites can survive by eating elements found in cotton as well as dead skin. According to research, a standard mattress contains up to 10,000 of such mites.

Spinal cord alignment

People are spending more time in their offices and in front of computers. This poses a challenge of increased exposure to spinal cord problems which is a leading killer condition in many countries. A memory foam mattress helps an individual reduce this by creating an ideal sleeping posture for one to relax and properly align the spinal cord while sleeping. Back soreness and spinal cord problems are two common conditions that can be prevented by sleeping properly. The firmness offered by top-rated 8-inch foam mattresses is unmatched in the entire industry and this is good for one’s spinal cord. When used with the right pillow, one can be assured of relaxing the back and neck muscles releasing the tension build up during the day and hence reducing the risk of spinal cord complications.

Resistance to motion transfer

Improving conditions associated with sleeping

There are conditions that an individual can suffer resulting from sleeping position. These conditions cause pain and discomfort during the night leading to agitation, irritability, stress, or any manifestation of sleep deprivation. The most common conditions which are improved by memory foam mattresses are listed below:

Neck and shoulders

The importance of having a relaxed neck and shoulders cannot be overemphasized. Memory foam mattresses cause the correct alignment of the neck and shoulders while sleeping. This reduces the pain, tension, and general numbness or what doctors call ankylosing spondylitis a condition that causes the swelling of the spine. Further, memory foam mattresses lower the pain resulting from spine curvature as well as upper back scoliosis. These are normal conditions that an individual can suffer due to bad sleeping positions or incorrect alignment but if left unresolved, they can lead to more serious illnesses.

By relaxing the body muscles through equal weight distribution, the memory foam mattress can alleviate, reduce or relieve common illnesses like migraines, teeth grinding, jaw aches, root pains, public pain, joint pain, body Elvis among others.

For a person recovering from surgery, a memory foam mattress is the best to ensure a quick full recovery. It is known to alleviate or relieve hip pain mainly associated with surgery. Also, knee pain, feet, and ankles, hands, and elbow pains can be diminished by sleeping on this mattress.

Final word

The benefits associated with good night sleep are numerous. Sleep helps the body recharge, the mind relaxes and relieve stress. Lack of sleep or inadequate sleep causes one to be restless, unproductive, easily irritable, weak immune system, body ache as well as stressed mind. Comfort is the first requirement to get some good sleep. With equal weight distribution, proper pressure distribution, relief from pain and proper temperature regulation, one can be assured of getting enough comfort which is required for good sleep. This is made possible by memory foam mattresses.