A steam cleaner and pressure washer give you similar results when you are trying to keep the house clean, but the devices use different techniques to get the job done. A product like Steam Insider is going to use high powered steam to clean up the dirt on your carpet, but a pressure washer is going to use water and a vacuum to make sure the dirt comes out of the carpet.


The steam in the system is going to be so hot that the dirt and debris in the carpet is going to fall off the fibers. You will be able to vacuum up the dirt when you are done with the steam treatment, and the steam will practically sterilize the fibers on the carpets. This is a very good way to clean, and the device is much quieter.


Pressure washers are going to help you to get dirt and debris out of your carpet using high pressure water and a vacuum. The pressure from the water is going to force dirt free when you are cleaning, and the vacuum will suck up all the things that were pulled from the carpet.

Which Should You Use?

The steam that you use in a product like Steam Insider is going to help you get the work done much faster, and the steam machine is very quiet. You do not want to use a loud machine that will will wake up the whole neighborhood, and you can avoid these problems by making sure that you are using the steam machine to get the carpets cleaned every few months. Someone who is using a steam machine will feel the moisture on the carpets just after the cleaning is done, but you will get the job done faster because the power of the steam is pretty strong. You will notice that the steam is going to be produced at the same rate as pressurized water, but you have to deal with the damp carpet after.

Pressure machines are going to create a stream of water that will be sucked up by the vacuum when it is done with the cleaning process. This is something that will help get the job done faster, but it will be much louder when you are cleaning the house every day. You will notice that there are many ways to clean the carpet, but the pressure washer is going to work in the opposite way the steam cleaner does.

Steam Is Safer

Steam is safer because you are using nothing but water that is converted into steam when the machine is running. You run the wand over the carpet, and the steam will clean up the carpet in a way that is very clean. You will have residual moisture on the carpet, but you will also have very clean carpets. There are not detergents or soaps that could hurt your kids or pets, and you will be able to use the steam machine on any part of the house. The steam can be wafted from the machine onto your furniture to make sure that it comes clean, and you will be able to get the job done just as fast as before. Everything in your house made from fabric will be cleaned quickly, and you can do the same with the tapestry on the wall. You are going to keep the whole house clean with steam, and the steam can be renewed at any time.