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Looking for a great product to keep your meat and vegetables frozen and stored properly? Look no further, the General Electric FCM15SUWW is exactly what you need. This perfectly sized, well equipped freezer chest can provide the size and flexibility you need in your kitchen.

The General Electric FCM15SUWW is equipped with many unique features and functions which can make your life and kitchen a better place. Boasting a 14.8 cubic foot storage area, you are able to place many items in the freezer for long term storage purposes. This deep freezer also has multiple levels of storage which can provide much needed organization that many storage freezers do not provide. Another major feature is the small, lightweight size of the freezer chest. This small light weight device does not have to be locked away in your outdoor storage. Only weighing 160 lbs, this freezer can be placed in a kitchen, dining room or in a small portion of your garage providing the ultimate convenience. Wanna keep your items stored safely? No worries, this freezer chest comes equipped with a lock and key mechanism that keeps the unwanted guest out. Lastly and most importantly, you will be able to set and customize your freezer temperature settings as you please with the adjustable control panel. You can not overlook the fact that this product is made by General Electric, an industry leader in kitchen appliances and other innovative home products. You will not find a freezer on the market with as much upside as the FCM15SUWW.

Full Specifications and Features:

Capacity: 14.8 Cubic Feet

Four lift-out and sliding baskets

Manual Defrost

Measurements:  29.5 x 48 x 35 inches

Weight: 161 pounds

Second Level Rail

Chest Freezers

We focus on another type of freezer, the chest freezer.  In this article, we discuss some features you might want to have in your chest freezer.

Generally, chest freezers and upright freezers have the same features. Your choice might just depend on how you want your frozen goods to be organized or how much space you have available. Some say chest freezers are more energy efficient than upright freezers. Still, you can always look at a freezer’s energy efficiency rating before you decide to buy it. An A+++ freezer is said to have the most energy efficient, whether it’s an upright freezer or a chest freezer. We’ll discuss some other the features you might want in a chest freezer.

Chest Freezers – Features

Auto-defrost. Some freezers have an auto-defrost, or frost-free feature. For freezers that are not auto-defrost, to have a defrost drain is a helpful accessory.

Chest freezers can also have glass-sliding top, especially the commercial ones. This is a nice feature that lets you see what’s inside the freezer. Many freezers have power on indicator and adjustable thermostat. Also, different freezers have different kind of storage systems or containers. You might want to consider that also. Doors can also be sliding or non-sliding. Lastly, chest freezers can come in a variety of sizes and colors. Most though come in color white or grey.

Haier HNSE04BB

The Haier HNSE04BB freezer and fridge is a compact but very roomy unit.  It has a space saving design at four cubic feet.  It can easily be moved from one place to another.  It comes with three glass racks.  It has a dispenser for canned beverages.  It has space for very large bottles at its door shelves.  Measurements are 18 7/8 x 20 7/8 x 33 3/8 inches.  It weighs 55.1 pounds.

Features and Specifications:

* Capacity: 4.8 Cubic feet

* Weight: 55.1 pounds

* Measurements: 18.9 x 33.4 x 20.9 inches

* Has room for two-liter and tall bottles

* Ice cube tray on a half-width freezer compartment

* Can dispenser with capacity of up to six cans

* Three full-width interior glass shelves

* 1 full-width and 2 half-width door storage shelves

* Reversible door

* Manual defrost

Average Amazon Customer Rating: 3 1/2 stars.

Why would you buy the Haier HNSE04BB?

*Compact but plenty of room

* Door shelves for storing canned and bottled drinks


Haier HNSE04

The Haier HNSE04 is a good and reliable four-cubic-foot unit.  It has a door that is reversible, and can hold several canned drinks.   You can also store big bottles in this freezer, the size of more than a liter.  Due to its design, it can easily be transferred from one room to another.  It comes with three glass shelves and has two door storage shelves.  Some customers who bought this say it performs really well.

 Its freezer container comes with a useful ice-cube tray.

The Haier HNSE04 product measures 18.9 x 33.4 x 20.9 inches and it weighs 55.1 pounds.   It is about four cubic feet in size and has a good deal of space for storing frozen goods.

Features and Specifications:

* Capacity: 4.8 Cubic feet

* Weight: 55.1 pounds

* Measurements: 18.9 x 33.4 x 20.9 inches

* Has room for two-liter and tall bottles

* Ice cube tray on a half-width freezer compartment

* Can dispenser with capacity of up to six cans

* Three full-width interior glass shelves

* 1 full-width and 2 half-width door storage shelves

* Reversible door

* Manual defrost


If you are looking for a small, lightweight deep freezer with robust options and features, theGeneral Electric FCM7SUWW is the way to go. This all-white, perfectly sized deep freezer provides a new, stylish update to your kitchen. Boasting a 7.0 cubic foot capacity, you can store just about as many items in this chest as you can fit. One other fantastic feature of the device is the Manual Defrost option.

This provides for easy drainage from the bottom of the freezer. The freezer also provides adjustable temperature control with allow you ultimate control over how cold you want your freezer to be. If these features don’t wow you, then the slide out bulk baskets will. Old, traditional freezers only allow you place items in the box without any sense of organization. The GE FCM7SUWW comes equipped with multiple pullout storage baskets that allow you to divide your items up. No more having important items hidden as the bottom of your freezer, the storage bins provide the organization you need. Another major point to mention is the size and weight of the device. At 91 pounds, this freezer chest can be moved with minimal effort and placed in your utility room aside of your laundry equipment. Lastly, you cannot ignore the 1 year limited warranty on parts and labor provided by General Electric. It’s a great item to have and you should have it in your kitchen today! Don’t miss out on the limited supply available.

Full Specifications and Features:

* Capacity: Seven Cubic Feet

* Adjustable Temperature Control

* Defrost Water Drain

* Manual Defrost

* Slide-out Storage Baskets

* Weight: 88 pounds

Mini Freezer

mini freezer is ideal for those who only need small freezer storage. In this article we feature several of the best selling mini freezers or small freezers in Amazon.  Take a look at the following top-rated mini freezer  models:

Mini Freezer – Haier HUM013EA

The manual defrost Haier HUM013A 1 2/7-cubic-foot mini freezer has received many good reviews from customers.  It can fit into small spaces, thus it can easily be carried during camping as well as other trips.  It can hold up to 46 pounds of frozen goods. For temperature control, it is equipped with an adjustable thermostat. It comes with a wire shelf. It has a reversible door with recessed handle. Dimensions are: 19-3/4 by 19-3/4 by 20-2/7 inches. It comes with a one-year limited warranty.  It has a capacity of 1-2/7 cubic-feet.

Full Specifications and Features:

* Capacity: 1-2/7-cubic-foot

* Adjustable thermostat

* Manual defrost

* Reversible door

* Recessed handle

* Measurements: 19-3/4 by 19-3/4 by 20-2/7 inches

* Stores up to 46 pounds of food

* Full-width wire rack

* 1-year limited warranty
Why would you buy this small upright freezer?

* Compact and easy to move around

* Space-saving design

* Quiet

* Cheap

*Good customer ratings

Compact Freezer – Haier HCR17W

This 34.2 pound mini refrigerator/freezer also received good ratings from customers.  It has a recessed door handle. It has a freezer section with ice container. More container space is offered via its door-located container area. Measurements are: 18.9 x 19.4 x 17.9 inches.  It has a 1.7 cubic feet capacity.

Full Specifications:

* Capacity: 1.7 Cubic foot

* Measurements: 18.9 x 19.4 x 17.9 inches

* Room for two-liter bottle

* Recessed door handle

* Ice cube tray and freezer compartment

* Slide-out wire shelf

* Door storage shelf


Average rating from Amazon: Four Stars.


Why would you buy this freezer?

* Portable and compact

* Has room for bottled or canned beverages

* Inexpensive

*Good customer ratings

Mini Freezer – Sunpentown UF-150SS

This is another freezer with a good rating.  If you are looking for a grayish/black freezer unit, this freezer might be perfect for you.   This Sunpentown mini freezer has a 1.1 cubic foot capacity. It has a black cabinet and a stainless steel door. It is capable of reaching zero degrees Fahrenheit. It has a reversible door with lock and key. It has a mechanical adjustable thermostat. Product measurements are 18.5 x 17.8 x 19.5 inches. It weighs 43 pounds.  It seems to be more expensive than the previous two, but it has a good, stylish design.

Full specifications and features:

*Capacity: 1.1 cubic foot

*Reversible door with lock and key

*UL approved

* Freestanding

*Stainless steel door

*Adjustable thermostat

* True 0°f capability, manual defrost, mechanical adjustable thermostat.

* Recessed handle

* Weight: 43 pounds

* Measurements: 8.5 x 17.8 x 19.5 inches

Why would you buy this freezer?

* Has true zero degree Fahrenheit capability

* Space saving

* Portable

*UL approved

Average Amazon Customer Ratings: 4 stars out of 5

Mini Freezer – Haier HNSE032 

This Haier mini refrigerator/freezer is larger than the previous three, but is still perfect for those looking for small units.  It has interior glass containers and storage compartments that can hold eight cans. Measurements are 17.5 x 19.7 x 31.5 inches.  With a capacity of 3.2 cubic feet.  This mini freezer weighs 47.4 pounds.  Average customer rating: Four Stars.

Full Specifications: 


* Capacity: 3.2 Cubic Feet

* Door rack can hold tall bottles

* Can dispenser compartments for up to eight cans

* Interior glass shelves

* Weight: 47.4 pounds

* Measurements: 17.5 x 19.7 x 31.5 inches


Average customer ratings in Amazon: Four out of Five Stars


Why would you buy this freezer?

*Has dispense a can storage

* Compact and portable

* Inexpensive

*Good customer ratings

Danby DCFM246WDD

The Danby DCFM246WDD is another best selling freezer with an Energy Star rating. It is an 8.7 cubic-foot chest freezer model that has an adjustable front feet. It has a rust-resistant aluminum interior, a front-mount thermostat and a defrost drain.

Full Specifications and Features:
Capacity: 8.7 Cubic Feet

Weight: 116 pounds

Energy Star rating

Product measurements: 25.1 x 43.2 x 32.8 inches

Front mount thermostat

Rear castors

Front mount defrost drain

Adjustable front feet

Danby DCF401W1

The Danby DCF401W1 is another best-selling freezer that is compact and offers enough freezer storage. It is a four-cubic-foot manual defrost freezer, is rust-resistant and has an aluminum interior.

It has a vinyl coated cabinet and an energy efficient lid.  For easy cleaning, it has a defrost drain.  It comes equipped with a mechanical thermostat.




Full Specifications and Features:

* Type: Chest Freezer

* Capacity: 3.5 Cubic Feet

* Manual Defrost

* Foam insulated cabinet and lid

* Mechanical thermostat

* Defrost drain

* Measurements: 22 x 24.9 x 32.9 inches

* Weight: 70.5 pounds

* Free standing installation type

* Voltage 120 volts

* Steel material

Summit VT-65 Counter-Depth Laboratory upright freezer

Full Specifications and Features: * Capacity: 4.0 Cubic Feet * Size: 24 x 24 x 34 inches * Weight: 100 pounds * -30C Capability * Manual Defrost

Looking for a nice, upright freezer option for your industrial site or office space? The Summit VT-65 Counter-Depth Laboratory upright freezer can fulfill all your needs. First, notice the many features and functions provided with this upright freezer.

The front lock feature can keep your most important items safe and secure while you’re away. In addition, this freezer sits upright preventing bending over and lifting. This freezer includes sliding trays which makes it much easier to add or remove items without issues. One other important note is the weight of the freezer. Weighing only 100 pounds, the freezer can be moved around fairly easily. Want to control your temperature? The manual defrost feature allows you to control and maintain a steady temperature. Also, this upright freezer is capable of -30°C, which means it will get as cold as you need it to be and it will freeze anything you place inside if need be. If by chance the freezer does get too cold, it’s equipped with a temperature control alarm that will alert you. Overall, the Summit Laboratory Freezer is a great, handy option for you. The combination of options, color and functions make it one of the highest rated Upright freezers on the market today.

Haier HUM048EA

The Haier HUM048EA is another one of those popular compact freezers out in the market today.  It is 4.8 cubic feet in size and can store about one hundred and sixty pounds of frozen products.  It is equipped with an adjustable thermostat.  It comes with four racks, three tilt-out and one fixed.  It is a manual defrost freezer, but comes with a defrost drain for quick cleaning and maintenance.  It has a lock and key and is installed with a reversible door.  Its measurements are 41.4 x 22.5 x 25.9 inches and it weighs eighty pounds.


It comes with a number of warranties including warranties for labor and parts.


Full specifications:

* Upright freezer

* Capacity : 4.8 cubic feet

* Defrost drain

* Shelves: 3 tilt-out and 1 stationary

* Drop-Down Gate

* Lock and key

* Stores about 160 lbs of frozen goods

* Adjustable thermostat

* Reversible door

* Manual defrost

* Weight: 80 pounds

* Shipping weight : 97 pounds

* Measurements : 41.4 x 22.5 x 25.9 inches

* Comes with user manual

* Made in China


Why would you buy this freezer:

* Has a defrost drain for easy maintenance

* Reversible door

* Comes with lock and key

* Well-organized storage system


Frigidaire FFC0923DW

In the market looking to replace your old, worn out deep freezer chest? Look no further, Frigidaire boasts one of the most robust and durable freezer chests around. The Frigidaire FFC0923DW has very nice features that are useful for buyers.

First off, note the 1-year warranty offered with the FFC0923DW. This ensures Frigidaire stands firm behind their products. Secondly, this chest freezer has 2 lift-out storage baskets which allow you to organize and store your items in a neat fashion. Remember, you can remove the baskets all together and store larger items if you have the need too. Another neat feature is the adjustable temperature. You have the option to change the temperature depending on what you are storing. Most similar deep freezer chest only have one default temperature option, the FFC0923DW provides you with plenty. Also, say you need to move your deep freezer or you need to have it unplugged for an extended period of time, the defrost drain makes this function very easy. Unlike other freezers, you will not need to manually remove the water from the chest. The Defrost drain will remove all the water for you. Lastly, this Frigidaire freezer chest only weighs 127 pounds but provides over 8 cubic feet of capacity. If you are in the market for a new freezer chest, you must consider this one. If you have reservations about the purchase, check out the 5 star reviews other people have posted on

Full Specifications and Features:

* Capacity: 8 4/5 Cubic Feet

* Manual defrost

* Type: Chest Freezer

* Defrost drain

* Adjustable temperature control

* Power-on indicator

* Lift-out baskets

* Measurements: 23-1/4 by 41 by 34-1/4 inches

* 1-year warranty

* Weight: 127 pounds

EdgeStar CRF150SS

The EdgeStar CRF150SS compact, 1.1-cubic-foot refrigerator/freezer is perfect for those looking for a small but reliable freezer.  It comes with a lock and key and has a full range temperature control.

Full specifications:

* Stainless steel reversible door (can be installed on the right or left side).

* Full range thermostatic temperature control

* Can convert from a 0° freezer to a fridge

*Comes with black trim and black cabinet

*External measurements: 19 3/8 x 18 9/6 x 17 3/4 inches

*Estimated yearly operating cost: $24.64

* Input voltage: 115 V/60 Hz

*Power: 138 W/1.1 A

*Weight: 46 lbs

*Manual defrost

*Accessory includes a lock and two keys

*Energy-saving feature

*Weight: 46 pounds

*Shipping Weight 65 pounds

Average customer ratings in Amazon is 4 1/2 stars out of 5.

Video featuring this freezer:

Danby DUF408WE

The Danby DUF408WE is another best-selling upright freezer.  It has a 4.2 cubic foot capacity of storage space.  It has a scratch-resistant worktop, that is perfect for storing accessories.  It has an Energy Star rating.

It comes equipped with two quick freeze shelves and three door shelves and mechanical thermostat. It has an integrated handle and a reversible door.  It is manual defrost.

Full Specifications and Features:

Capacity: 4.2 Cubic Feet

Weight: 100 pounds

Energy Star rating

Reversible door

Two freezer shelves and three door shelves

Scratch-resistant worktop

Measurements: 23.6 x 24.6 x 36.1 inches

Free standing installation type

Color White

Voltage 120 volts

Wattage 219 watts

Steel door material

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